Decision Upheld That Holds Agency to Measurability Deadline

February 4th 2019: The FLRA denied Passport Services’ challenge to an arbitration ruling. Arbitrator Javits had found the Agency in violation of an agreement concerning computer problems. The agreement decreed that employees be promptly notified how computer hurdles would be factored in to the day’s production expectations. The Agency argued that the Agency could never […]

AWOL Charge Challenged

November 27, 2015:  The Union filed a grievance on behalf of an NPC employee.  The employee was absent for medical reasons (which were documented by the employee’s physician), yet the Agency still docked the employee’s pay, charging the time as AWOL.

Agency Grants QSI’s to Employees

November 1, 2015:  Twenty five passport employees were given Quality Step Increases (QSI’s) in November as a result of an arbitration.   The arbitrator determined last year that Passport Management had given an unfairly high proportion of QSI’s to members of Passport Management.

Congress Seeks Hiring Changes at State

October 28, 2015:  Members of the House of Representatives proposed legislation which would require the Department of State achieve greater gender and ethnic diversity in hiring.  The proposed FAIR Act would also mandate periodic reports to Congress on steps taken to improve.

NFFE Protests Internal Controls Reprimand

September 21, 2015:  The Union filed a grievance debating alleged internal controls infractions.  Recognizing a potential conflict of interest, a Passport Specialist declined to adjudicate the passport application of an acquaintance, and so informed the colleague they passed the case to.  Yet the employee was still disciplined because local Management was not notified in writing […]

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