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Current CBA

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA), called the “Master Agreement,” went into effect on July 20, 2009.  It was revised on August 25, 2009.  The hard copy of the CBA was distributed to employees starting on February 25, 2010.

The Union and Management signed a Memorandum of Agreement on June 11, 2009 regarding issues related to the Union’s concerns about the integrity of the passport issuance process: MOA.

The Union and Management signed a Memorandum of Understanding on November 7, 2007 to permit all bargaining unit employees 4 hours of official time to review the CBA upon completion: MOU.

Prior to beginning negotiations on the Master Agreement, on December 12, 2005 the parties completed negotiations on ground rules for how the bargaining would take place: UMGR.

The Union settled an Agency grievance over  the arbitration procedure by negotiating language that supersedes some provisions in the 2009 CBA’s Article 22.

Previous CBA’s

July 3, 2001

September 23rd, 1991

June 4th, 1986

March 11th, 1985

June 8th, 1983

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